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Looking for x-ray schools? has partnered with some of the top schools in the country to provide you with access to free information. Choose a link below, find the program and the school you like (it's free, choose three or four) and fill out out the no obligation forms... that's it, the information that will help you find the right school is on it's way. What could be easier?

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please be aware that there is a difference between limited scope and certified radiologic technologists and the employment and earning potential vary by location. For more information on the topic visit The American Registry of Radiologic Technologists. Also, be sure that you find out what type of program the school you choose is offering before you decide on a program. As a general rule, if the program is not at least a two year degree it would be considered a limited scope program.

X-ray Schools Are Difficult... Want some help?

X-ray schools have one thing in common: they are difficult to complete! Imagine the amount of advanced x-ray and other diagnostic medical imaging information you must learn to earn the x-ray associates or x-ray bachelors degree you desire. You'll have no time for fun!

Luckily there are many online x-ray resources that will help you digest and understand the information taught by those old rad techs turned x-ray college professors. The problem is that this information can be hard to find because of the enormous amount of x-ray links available.

That's why we make x-ray school easier by pulling together the best online x-ray student resources into a convenient location. Here you will find original content as well as excellent links to other sites that will help you on your way to becoming a x-ray technologist, computed tomography technologist, mri technologist , nuclear medicine technologist, interventional x-ray technologist or ultrasound technologist.

X-ray Uniforms, X-ray Scrubs & X-ray Lab Coats

Visit Our Online X-ray Quiz Section

The new online x-ray quiz area is available. These advanced x-ray quizzes will help evaluate your knowledge in a number of subject areas and allow you to focus on the x-ray areas you need the most help with. Also, be sure to check in before the ARRT exam to advance your medical x-ray knowledge base. Only a few x-ray quizzes are currently available but more are scheduled throughout the year.

Download A Printable X-ray Test

They are here! The practice x-ray tests are now available. Along with the online versions, these written x-ray tests will help evaluate your knowledge in a number of subject areas and allow you to focus on the advanced x-ray areas you need the most help with. Also, be sure to check in before the ARRT exam to advance your medical x-ray knowledge base. Only a few are up but more are scheduled throughout the year. If you want to contribute a new x-ray test, email the webmaster.

Pre-Researched X-ray Paper Topics:

Here at we realize how busy radiologic technology and other diagnostic medical imaging students can be. That's why we've located the items you need for a quality research paper and bunched them together in a convenient format. Here you will find research information on mesothelioma and how to diagnosis it radiographically. This is a hot area in medicine these days and perfect for the medical imaging student who needs a research paper topic. Enjoy the links, but be sure to continue your research by using the provided topical search engine. More topics to come! If you want to contribute a new x-ray paper, email the webmaster or post it to the x-ray message boards.

Radiologic Technologist or Radiologic Technician?

There is a debate about the title of radiologic technologist. Some people accept the name radiologic technician while others reject it and demand to be called a radiologic technologist. Join the message boards and debate the topic: Technologist or Technician? In addition, many people have been commenting on the topic of limited scope programs in x-ray. To add an opinion visit X-rayForums - limited scope vs registered technologists

Have a X-ray or Radiography Site: Visit Our X-ray Links Exchange

Add a link? Submit an url? However you say it, click above to visit our x-ray links exchange to post your x-ray related web site so others can find you. Everyone benefits when x-ray links and information is easily available to all students, technologists and radiologists. We've found many wonderful x-ray web sites and fellow x-ray techs through other x-ray links pages.

Join The Online X-ray Message Boards

With our interactive x-ray message boards you can share ideas and experiences with other x-ray technicians around the world. Buy and sell textbooks, get help with that x-ray college course you're struggling with, share your favorite clinical x-ray experience.. all this and more awaits you at the forums. Also, don't forget to sign the guest book so that we know you were here. Summer 2004 - New categories have been added that feature x-ray modalities like ultrasound (US), computed tomography (CT), nuclear medicine (NM), magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and x-ray pacs.

Course Help For X-ray School Programs

Click on the X-ray School Subjects or the Related Subjects button above and you will be taken to another page that lists the categories we have put together to assist you with your x-ray school experience. Radiographic anatomy, radiographic positioning, radiographic physics, english, ethics, math... that's just a few of the topics that we have gathered excellent resources for. You will find x-ray resources, radiography tests and radiography tutorials.

Support Your Profession By Joining State and National X-ray Societies

Check out the X-ray & Radiography Links section for a comprehensive listing of state and national agencies and societies. What's the difference you ask? Agencies are the regulatory and law making institutions while societies provide a place for radiologic technologists to interact with others in the profession. As radiographers ourselves, believes that supporting the profession by becoming members in professional radiological societies helps improve not only you as an individual radiologic technologist but the profession as a whole. For this reason we strongly recommend that you join your state and national society.

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Coming soon! has put together a x-ray newsletter to keep you up to date on the latest information on x-ray jobs, x-ray schools, x-ray news, x-ray links and more.

Coming Soon! A X-ray Job Site With Resume Posting

Coming this summer, will open the x-ray job portion of the web site for use. Here you will be able to post your x-ray resume and also be able to search the country for x-ray jobs. The radiography and x-ray job market is one of the hottest markets in all of business, be choosy and find the diagnostic imaging job that's right for you.

Looking For Ultrasound Schools?


Looking for ultrasound schools? Visit for the latest ultrasound shool information as well as great ultrasound job resources.


Looking For Nuclear Medicine Schools?


Looking for nuclear medicine schools? Visit for the latest nuclear medicine shool information as well as great nuclear medicine job resources.


Find Those Hard To Locate X-ray Articles

Tired of searching for an online article for that x-ray paper due next week? We've taken the pain out of finding what you need by evaluating the available x-ray article sites and listing them in one place. Many of them offer free x-ray articles with and without membership. In addition, learn what it takes to write a great radiography research paper by using the writing resources gathered in the radiography article section.

ARRT Approved X-ray Schools

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