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Nursing Anatomy

Nursing Anatomy - Nursing directory with many resources for students and professionals.

Anatomy and Physiology - resources on a variety of human anatomy and physiology topics

About Nursing Anatomy - Comprehensive anatomy directory with many resources to help understand the musculoskeletal system. Perfect for those in nursing school.

Anatomical Line Drawings - Illustrations of different parts and systems of the human body, intended for doctors to use in patient education. PDF formats.

Anatomy Modules: Anatomy Module List - University of Washington Department of Radiology, with online textbook, teaching files, anatomy learning modules, and continuing medical education (CME).

Anatomy of the Pelvis and Perineum - Multimedia textbook and teaching module on anatomy of the pelvis and perineum, including radiographic, MRI, CT, and fluoroscopic imaging - from the Univ. of Iowa.

Anatomy of the Spine - From Spine Universe anatomy of the back and neck.

Anatomy Tutorial - Complete information on the circulatory, respiratory, digestive, reproductive and nervous systems. Nursing school is easier with tools like this.

Atlas of Human Anatomy in Cross Section - A color atlas of cross sectional anatomy in the axial plane which serves as an anatomic reference text.

Atlas-plus - A multimedia program developed at the University of Michigan by the Department of Anatomy and Cell Biology and the Learning Resource Center.

CyberAnatomy Tutorials - Many anatomy tutorials from the University of Newcastle, England.

Digital Anatomist - Includes a variety interactive atlases, including the brain and neuroanatomy, thoracic organs, and the knee.

Eye Anatomy - Lovely site covering the basic and applied anatomy of the eye.

GetBodySmart - Human anatomy and physiology including tutorials and quizzes on the skeletal, muscle, nervous, circulatory, respiratory and urinary systems.

Human Anatomy On-line - The place for fun, interactive and educational views of the human body.

Human Brain: Dissections of the Real Brain - Work from the Virtual Hospital. Compelling content. An atlas of brain anatomy and collection of brain and spinal cord dissections for those seeking to understand the organization and functions of the human nervous system.

Instant Anatomy - Diagrams, tips, and mnemonics for remembering important aspects of anatomy, with lists of questions that bring out the relevance and test understanding of basic principles. Unfortunately no cadaveric images.

LUMEN - Structure of the Human Body - Loyola University Medical Center information about anatomy.

Muscle Physiology - Muscle physiology and its study at UCSD.

The National Library of Medicine - Visible Human Project - The creation of anatomically detailed, three-dimensional representations of normal male and female human bodies.

NetAnatomy - Website showing some useful nursing anatomical and radiological tutorials.

Neuroanatomy Laboratory Resources - Temple University - Supplementary neuroanatomical material for first year medical students. Subject summaries, anatomic atlases, videoclips of the neurologic exam, and neuroembryology.

Pan American Association of Anatomists - The Association, of the American Continent founded in 1964 to promote the exchange of scientific information in the area of morphology.

Plastination - Preservation of tissue specimens for study with completely visible surfaces and high durability - from Vienna University.

Plastination: Preservation for Science or Art - The preservation of human remains developed by Dr. Gunther von Hagens. Procedure is explained. Includes photos and links.

PodiatryChannel - Anatomy of the foot and ankle described in detail.

PT Central - Hosford Muscle Tables - Complete muscle tables for the human body unfortunately no real cadaveric images. Do you do cadavers in your nursing program?

Seeing, Hearing, and Smelling the World - An easy to understand guide to the senses containing glossary links for easy understanding of terminology.

Skull Tutorial - From Gateway Community College, Phoenix. Identification of foramina and major bony points of the skull.

Stanford Visible Female - Images and movies from the Visible Human Project dataset. Anatomy.

Textbook of Lung Anatomy - A multimedia textbook on normal bronchial and segmental anatomy using radiographs, CT scans, bronchoscopy video clips, and computer modeling to aid the practicing radiologist or pulmonologist - from the University of Iowa.

Vesalius - Offers images and graphical narratives on anatomy. Images are free for non-commercial use.

Voxel-Man Gallery - Computer-generated graphics of various systems of the human body, using the Visible Human Project data set.

Wiley Anatomy Web - Provides a research and educational resource gateway for anatomists--including cell and developmental biologists, neuroscientists, evolutionary biologists, and those in other anatomic and morphologic disciplines.

Advances in Wound Care - A peer-reviewed, multidisciplinary journal which features original research, comprehensive clinical reviews, and articles addressing practical management of skin and wound care patients.

Applied Nursing Research - Presents research findings for clinical application in all nursing specialties, including research briefs, clinical methods, book reviews, news and announcements.

Archives of Psychiatric Nursing - Presents peer-reviewed research. Excerpts from current and past issues, author guidelines, editorial board members, and ordering information.

Australian Journal of Holistic Nursing - Offers selected excerpts, submission requirements, advertising guidelines, and subscription information.

Bandolier - Dedicated to promoting evidence based health care (UK).

British Journal of Nursing - Offers free abstracts and tables of contents, author guidelines, as well as select articles.

Canadian Journal of Nursing Research - A peer-reviewed, quarterly journal of original nursing research, published by the McGill University School of Nursing. Includes selected abstracts, editorial board, and author guidelines.

Case Manager - For medical case managers and other related professionals who coordinate and manage patient care. Index of issues, table of contents, selected articles, editorial board, and subscription information.

Clinical Evidence - Offers topics, frequently asked questions, and subscription information.

Clinical Nursing Research - Concentrates on articles presenting current research as applicable to nursing practice. Scope, manuscript requirements, editorial board, and subscription information.

Critical Care Nurse - Published by the American Association of Critical-Care Nurses. Includes selected articles, editorials and a career guide.

Evidence-Based Nursing - Subscription information, index of articles, and E-mail alerts.

Geriatric Nursing - Abstracts, selected articles, and table of contents of current and past issues, author guidelines, and subscription information.

Graduate Research in Nursing - Publishes original nursing research and other scholarly work by graduate students which they do not intend to, or have not been able to, publish in the traditional nursing research journals.

Insight - Features peer-reviewed clinical and scientific articles written by ophthalmic nurses or experts in the field of ophthalmology. Articles and abstracts for current and past issues, author guidelines, and subscription information.

Intensive and Critical Care Nursing - Includes scope, table of contents, abstracts, author guidelines, editorial board, sponsored events, and subscription information.

International Journal of Mental Health Nursing - A fully refereed journal which examines current trends and developments in mental health practice and research.

International Journal of Nursing Practice - Advances the international understanding and development of nursing both as a profession and as an academic discipline. Selected articles and abstracts, current and past issues, author guidelines, and subscription information.

International Journal of Palliative Nursing - Peer-reviewed and refereed articles with regular sections on nursing innovations, symptom management, education, and international development. Editorials, selected articles, and subscription information.

International Journal of Trauma Nursing - Selected articles and abstracts from current and past issues, editorial board, author guidelines, and subscription information.

ITIN - Official journal of the British Computer Society Nursing Specialist Group. Includes goals, index, abstracts and selected articles, submission guidelines, and contact information.

Journal for Nurses in Staff Development - Abstracts of current and back issues, and author guidelines for nurse writers.

Journal of Advanced Nursing - UK based journal covering all aspects of nursing care, nursing education, management and research: publishing research papers, news and books reviews.

Journal of Advanced Nursing - Journal aimed at exploring the foundations of nursing care knowledge and practice worldwide.

Journal of Christian Nursing - Strives to help Christian nurses view nursing practice through the eyes of faith. Editorial table of contents, and article summaries from current and back issues, author guidelines, upcoming topics, and subscription information.

Journal of Clinical Nursing - Focuses on the theory and practice of nursing as it applies to practicing nurses. Editorial and selected articles from current and past issues, author guidelines, and subscription information.

Journal of Emergency Nursing - Offers selected articles and abstracts from current and past issues, editorial board, author guidelines, and subscription information.

Journal of Gerontological Nursing - Editorial board, contributor guidelines, and subscription information.

Journal of Nursing Education - Editorial board, author guidelines, and subscription information.

Journal of Nursing Measurement - Focuses exclusively on testing, tools, approaches, and evaluation studies of instruments and scales. Table of contents, author guidelines, editorial board, and subscription information.

Journal of Pediatric Health Care - Contains original, peer-reviewed articles stressing new approaches to the management of problems facing newborn, pediatric, and adolescent patients. Selected articles and abstracts for current and past issues, subscription information.

Journal of Pediatric Nursing - Includes profile and subscription information.

Journal of Pediatric Oncology Nursing - Table of contents and selected abstracts from current and past issues, subscription information.

Journal of Professional Nursing - Addresses the practice, research and policy roles of nurses with baccalaureate and graduate degrees. Selected articles and abstracts, editorial board, author guidelines, and subscription information.

Journal of the American Psychiatric Nurses Association - Peer-reviewed articles covering psychiatric-mental health nursing practice and theory, practice challenges, new theories and changes occurring in the field. Abstracts and articles for current and past issues, subscription information.

Journal of the Society of Pediatric Nurses - Promotes the health of infants, children, and adolescents and their families through the dissemination of evidence to guide clinical decision making. Table of contents, submission guidelines, and subscription information.

Journal of Vascular Nursing - Presents clinical information regarding aortic and peripheral aneurysms, upper and lower extremity arterial disease, acute and chronic venous disease. Selected articles and abstracts from current and past issues and subscription information.

Journal of Wound, Ostomy and Continence Nursing - Subscription information, search engine and tables of contents for past issues.

Neonatal Network - A peer-reviewed journal for neonatal nurses and related health care professionals. Contains case study, clinical management, clinical research articles and CEU courses.

Nephrology Nursing Journal - Presents information on advances in practice, education, and research. Includes abstracts of current articles, annual index, and subscription and author information.

Nurse To Nurse - Nursing newsletter, available for distribution to all nurses within a subscribing facility. Can be used for continuing education, competency testing, and evaluations.

Nursing 2002 - Offers sample articles, index to back issues, editorial and subscription information.

Nursing Diagnosis - Publishes peer-reviewed articles which promote the development, refinement, and utilization of nursing language and classification. General contents, editorial board, and subscription information.

Nursing Economics - Explores issues and trends in health care administration, economics, and policymaking. Includes abstracts of current articles, editorial staff listing, and subscription information.

Nursing Ethics - Includes focus, editorial board, submission guidelines, and subscription information.

Nursing Forum - Publishes peer-reviewed manuscripts that explore issues, ideas, trends, and innovations which shape the nursing profession. General contents, editorial board, and subscription information.

Nursing History Review - Offers historiographic articles and book reviews covering nursing in the United States and throughout the world. Tables of contents, subscription information, and contributor guidelines.

Nursing Leadership Forum - Offers debates, interviews and thought-provoking current articles that discuss the vital importance of nursing leadership in the public debates of health care reform.

Nursing Outlook - Presents peer-reviewed articles which examine current issues and trends in nursing practice, education and research.

Nursing Review - Covers Australian professional news and issues. Selected pages from current issue [PDF], index of special reports, advertising information, and subscription form.

Pediatric Nursing - Includes abstracts, author guidelines, and subscription information.

Practice Nursing - Published biweekly with an emphasis on clinical articles. Includes editorial, abstracts, and contact information.

Research and Theory for Nursing Practice - Presents quantitative and qualitative research, both basic and applied, reviews, and theory-based tool development. Includes table of contents, members of editorial board, and author guidelines.

Revolution - Addresses advocacy for nurses and patients. Includes sample articles and subscription information.

School Health Alert - Includes selected articles, editorial board, and contact information.

Strathayr Publishing - Offers Irish Nurse Magazine and Scottish Nurse Magazine. Includes subscription information and list of job opportunities.

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