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PACS Administrator Certification : CIIP or PARCA? - PACS Administrator Certification: CIIP or PARCA? By Herman Oosterwijk1

PARCA - PACS Administrators Registry and Certification Association - PARCA was established to develop guidelines and procedures that are used to certify professionals who are engaged with the support, maintenance and use of PACS systems.

Free DICOM Viewers and Related PACS Software - A listing of open source and freeware medical imaging viewers, teleradiology and PACS related tools.

PACS and Digital Radiology Forums - Forums for discussing PACS and digital radiology issues.

Digital Imaging Equipment - why buy new when you can get used pacs and other digital radiology equipment at a fraction of the cost.

Medmark Digital and Teleradiology Links - Links and resources about digital and tele radiology.

Teleradiology Vendors - Links to quality teleradiology vendors and nighthawk radiology services

ClubPACS - An excellent community for thos interested in PACS and digital radiology.

Digital Radiography Guide - An excellent resource for digital radiography information.

Digital Radiography Explained - Excellent source for information on digital radiography and digital radiology. Features articles, samples and educational resources to help get a handle on digital radiography basics.

Digital X-ray Introduction - GE put together a nice primer to digital radiography and radiology.

Radiology Image Management and PACS Systems - This page is for the purpose of exchanging information among radiology professionals regarding PACS system implementation and digital imaging workflow.

Legal Issues of Telemedicine - The increasing computerization of health care data, combined with the emergence of new telecommunications applications and technologies create vast opportunities for the provision of health care. Some of the legal and regulatory issues, though, seem way behind the curve. This page is devoted to these legal issues. Relates to digital radiology systems and teleradiology.

Digital Image Formats - The goal of this FAQ is to facilitate access to medical images stored on digital imaging modalities such as CT and MR scanners, and their accompanying descriptive information.

MyPACS: Teaching File Authoring System - Free web application allows radiologists to create their own online teaching file repositories by uploading medical images through their web browser.

PACS Article #1 - An article about how Picture Archiving and Communication Systems are emerging in clinical and radiological environments.

PACS Article #2 - An introduction to PACS and digital imaging radiology systems.

PACS Article #3 - The ACR-NEMA Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine (DICOM) Standard has been developed to meet the needs of manufacturers and users of medical imaging equipment for interconnection of devices on standard networks. Its multiple parts provide a means for expansion and updating, and the design of the standard was aimed at allowing simplified development for all types of medical imaging. DICOM also provides a means by which users of imaging equipment may assess whether two devices claiming conformance will be able to exchange meaningful information. The future additions to DICOM include support for creation of files on removable media (such as optical disks or high-capacity magnetic tape), new data structures for x-ray angiography, and extended hard copy print management. The 1993 demonstration at info RAD is expanded over that of 1992 and shows different manufacturer implementations and communications using both the DICOM information objects and the services that support them.

Telemedicine Glossary - This glossary contains nearly 200 words and phrases with which everyone in the field should be conversant. We've thrown in our own editorial comments about features where appropriate.

Teleradiology FAQ - Answers to common questions about teleradiology systems.

The Official DICOM Hompage - The NEMA hompage. Get the latest information on DICOM and other medical imaging formats as well as information on PACS digital imaging.

Check out the pacs administrator society or the pacs administrator association sections for a comprehensive listing of state and national agencies and groups. These can provide help with finding a career in radiology. They can also provide radiology education advice and school suggestions. If you are already a pacs administrator technologist or other medical imaging worker, these bodies provide a place for radiology professionals to interact with others in the career field. Some also offer radiology journals and are great sources of radiology and pacs administrator CME and CEU opportunities. We believe that supporting the radiology profession by becoming a member in professional group helps improve not only you as an individual but the profession as a whole. For this reason we strongly recommend that you join your state and national society or association.

The PACS Administrator Student Zone - Find all the best radiology school resources at the student zone. Here we link to web sites, notes and tutorials that help you with a variety of medical imaging topics. Think of it as a radiology portal for imaging students.

Be sure to check out the community located at www.RadiologyForums.com where you will find discussions covering all medical imaging modalities.

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Want to see some cool videos? Jump on over to www.RadiologyTube.com and watch patient exam explanation videos, patient positioning videos and other random radiology videos.

PACS Administrator Schools

Looking for pacs administrator schools or maybe you're a radiologic technologist looking to expand your education with a bachelors degree in radiology? Either way, we can help. RTstudents.com has partnered with some of the top schools in the country to provide you with access to free college program information. Click the link below to find the radiology program and the school you like and fill out out the no obligation forms. That's it, the information that will help you find the right school is on it's way. What could be easier? Also, it's free, choose three or four and compare.

PACS Administrator School Directory - Free medical imaging program information listed by state and city. Radiology schools are competitive to get into and since there's no limit to the number of applications you can fill out - the more you apply for the better your chances of getting into one.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please be aware that there is a difference between a limited scope radiology technician and a certified radiologic technologist. The employment and earning potential vary by location and in some areas a limited scope license is not valid at all. For more information on the topic visit The American Registry of Radiologic Technologists . Also, be sure that you find out what type of radiology program the school you choose is offering before you decide on a radiology school. As a general rule, if the radiology degree is not at least a two year degree it would be considered a limited scope program. Enjoy your search for a career in radiology!

Radiology Technician or Radiology Techniologist or even Radiology Tech? The names are becoming synonomous, but the appropriate term is Radiologic Technologist.

PACS Administrator Job Openings

Free Anonymous Resume Posting Whether you're actively or passively seeking work, your online resume is your ticket to great radiology job offers! View PACS Administrator Resume Database Check out our radiology resumes! We have access to some of the best professionals in the field.
View PACS Administrator Job Listings Access the newest radiology jobs available to professionals seeking employment or just viewing the market. Post PACS Administrator Jobs On The Board Reach the most qualified candidates by posting your radiology job opening on our online Career Center.

PACS Administrator License Information

We have links, phone numbers and addresses to the state licensing agengies listed to help you better find the requirements of your state - take your pick:

Radiology License Maine Radiology New Hampshire Radiology Massachusetts Radiology Connecticut Radiology New York Radiology Pennsylvania Radiology New Jersey Radiology Rhode Island Radiology Virginia Radiology Ohio Radiology Michigan Radiology Wisconsin Radiology Illinois Radiology Indiana Radiology Kentucky Radiology North Carolina Radiology South Carolina Radiology Tennessee Radiology Georgia Radiology Florida Radiology Alabama Radiology Mississippi Radiology Louisiana Radiology Arkansas Radiology Missouri Radiology Iowa Radiology Minnesota Radiology North Dakota Radiology South Dakota Radiology Nebraska Radiology Kansas Radiology Oklahoma Radiology Texas Radiology Montana Radiology Wyoming Radiology Colorado Radiology New Mexico Radiology Arizona Radiology Utah Radiology Idaho Radiology Nevada Radiology California Radiology Oregon Radiology Washington Radiology Maryland Radiology West Virginia Radiology Vermont Radiology Delaware Radiology Vermont Radiology New Hampshire Radiology Rhode Island Radiology Massachusetts Radiology Connecticut Radiology New Jersey Radiology Delaware Radiology Maryland Radiology District of Columbia Radiology Alaska Radiology Hawaii Radiology

PACS Administrator Continuing Education

PACS Administrator CEU Sources and Providers - Click for a listing of radiology and radiography CEU, CME and continuing education providers. We are working on the radiology cme section and welcome those interested in advertising with us - contact us for information webmaster @ rtstudents.com

FREE radiology continuing education credits can be found in a variety of places now, but one of the best is the new Online Digital Imaging Academy from the ARRT and ASRT - ODIA Information Link

Remember ARRT Category A continuing education credits are due every two years.

[Cat Scan Continuing Education] [Ultrasound Continuing Education] [MRI Continuing Education] [Radiography Continuing Education] [Nuclear Medicine Continuing Education] [Radiation Therapy Continuing Education]

PACS and Digital PACS Administrator

FREE PACS and Digital Radiology Software - Check the growing list of software that will help with your radiology practice or let you learn how digital radiology works.

Forums for discussing PACS and digital radiology issues, free to join - Digital Radiology Forums

Used PACS and Digital Radiology Equipment - Why buy new when you can get used pacs and other digital radiology equipment at a fraction of the cost.

PACS Administrator Articles and PACS Administrator News

Visit www.RadiologyArticles.com to catch up on the news concerning radiology and medical imaging. Daily updates from the latest radiology blogs and radiology news sources are combined in an easy to manage tool. Free and easy to use, check it out today - Daily PACS Administrator News

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How do you find the latest information on nursing schools? Where do you turn for help or advice on which nursing school to attend? Click the links and visit our partner sites about nursing, that's how.

PACS Administrator Link Exchange

Add a link? Submit an url? Suggest a site? However you say it, visit our pacs administrator and medical link exchange to post your radiology web site so others can find you. Everyone benefits when radiology information is easily available to all radiology students, radiologic technologists and other medical imaging professionals. We've found many wonderfully informative diagnostic radiology sites and also stumbled upon fellow rad techs with radiology blogs or radiology related sites. Let's hope ours link directory will help you find some too.

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RSNA 2010 : November 28 - December 3, 2010 96th Scientific Assembly and Annual Meeting McCormick Place, Chicago, Illinois

RSNA 2011 : November 27 - December 2, 2011 97th Scientific Assembly and Annual Meeting McCormick Place, Chicago, Illinois

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