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Radiology Dictionary of Abbreviations


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Radiology Abbreviations


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AAPM - American Association of Physics in Medicine

AAS - Acute Abdominal Series

ABC - Automatic Brightness Control

ABD - Abdomen

AC - Alternating Current

ACR - American College of Radiology

ADC - Analog-to-Digital Converter

AEC - Automatic Exposure Control

AGC - Automatic Gain Control

AHRA - American Healthcare Radiology Administrators

Al - Aluminium

ALARA - As Low As Reasonably Achievable.

AMU - Atomic mass units

AP - Anterio-Posterior

APR - Anatomical Programmed Radiography

ARNA - American Radiological Nurses Association

ARR - Academy of Radiology Research

ARRS - American Roentgen Ray Society

ARRT - American Registry of Radiologic Technology

a-Se - Aamorphous Selenium

a-Si - Amorphous Silicon

ASRT - American Society of Radiologic Technologists


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Ba - Barium

BAS - Barium Swallow

Be - Beryllium

BE - Barium Enema

BIR - The British Institute of Radiology

BS - British Standard

BW - Bandwidth


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C/kg - Coulomb per Kilogram

CAT - Computed Axial Tomography

CAU - Caudal

CCD - Charge Coupled Device

CD - Compact Disc

CDR - Recordable Compact Disc

CEU - Continuing Education Unit

CHD - Coronary Heart Disease

CINE - C inematographic

CNR - Contrast-to-Noise Ratio

CPR - Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation

CR - Computed Radiography

CRA - Cranial

CRT - Cathode Ray Tube

CsI - Caesium Iodide

CT - Computed Tomography

CTDI - Computed Tomography Dose Index

Cu - Copper

CXR - Chest X-ray


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DAP - Dose Area Product

DAS - Data Acquisition System

DC - Direct Current

DDR - Direct Digital Radiography

DECUB - Decubitis

DH - Department of Health

DICOM - Digital Imaging and Communication in Medicine

DLP - Dose-Length Product

DQE - Detective Quantum Efficiency

DSA - Digital Subtraction Angiography

DTPA - Diethylenetriaminepentaacetic Acid

DVD - Digital Video Disc


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Eb - Electron Binding Energy

EBCT - Electron Beam Computed Tomography

ECG - Electro Cardiogram

EPI - Echo Planar Imaging

ESR - Electron Spin Resonance

ETL - Echo Train Length

eV - Electron Volt


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FA - Flip Angle

FATSAT - Fat Saturation

FDA - Food and Drug Administration

FDA - Food and Drug Administration

FDD - Focus to Detector Distance

FDD -focus to detector distance

FE - Field Echo

FFT - Fast Fourier Transform

FID - Focus to Isocentre Distance, Free Induction Decay

FOV - Field Of View

FPR - Fluoroscopy Programmed Radiography

FPS - Frames Per Second

FSE - Fast Spin Echo

FT - Fourier Transform


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GCF - Grid Conversion Factor

Gd - Gadolinium

Gd2O2S - Gadolinium Oxysulphide

GE - Geometric Efficiency, General Electric, Gradient Echo

GI - Gastrointestinal

Gy - Gray


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H+ - Hydrogen Density

HIS - Hospital Information System

HU - Hounsfield Unit

Hz - Hertz


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ICRP - International Commison on Radiological Protection

II - Image Intensifier

IM - Intramuscular

IR - Inversion Recovery, Interventional Radiology

ISO - International Organization for Standardization

IV - Intravenous

IVP - Intravenous Pyleogram

IVU - Intravenous Urogram


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JRCERT - Joint Review Committee on Education in Radiologic Technology


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KeV - Kiloelectron Volt

Kg - Kilogram

kVp - Kilovoltage Peak


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LAO - Left Anterior Oblique

LCD - Low Contrast Detail, Liquid Crystal Display

LCR - Low Contrast Resolution

LI - Linear Interpolator

LIH - Last Image Hold

LPO - Left Posterior Oblique

LSF - Line Spread Function

LT - Left

LUT - Look Up Table


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MAMMO - Mammography, Mammogram

mA - Milliamperage

mAs - Milliampere Seconds

MDA - Medical Devices Agency

MDCT - Multi-Detector Computed Tomography

MDD - Medical Device Directive

MinIP - Minimum Intensity Projection

MIP - Maximum Intensity projection

Mo - Molybdenum

MOD - Magneto-Optical Disc

MRA - Magnetic Resonance Angiography

MRI - Magnetic Resonance Imaging

MRS - Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy

MSAD - Multiple Scan Average Dose

MSCT - Multi-Slice Computed Tomography

MTF - Modulation Transfer Function

Mz - Magnetization Vector


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NCRP - National Council on Radiation Protection and Measurment

NEMA - National Equipment Manufacturers Agency

NEQ - Noise Equivalent Quanta

NEX - Number of Excitations

NRC - Nuclear Ragulatory Commission

NRPB - National Radiological Protection Board


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OBL - Oblique

OD - Optical Density


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PA - Postero-Anterior

PACS - Picture Archive and Communications System

Pb - Lead

PBL - Positive Beam Limitation

PMT - Photomultiplier Tube

POSL - Pulse Optically Stimulated Luminescence Dosimeter

PPS - Pulses Per Second

PRE-SAT - Presaturation

PSF - Point Spread Function

PSP - Photostimulable Phosphor

PTCA - Percutaneous Transluminal Coronary Angioplasty


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QA - Quality Assurance

QC - Quality Control


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R&F - Radiography and Fluoroscopy

RAD - Radiation Absorbed Dose

RAM - Random Access Memory

RAO - Right Anterior Oblique

REM - Radiation Equivalent Man

RFOV - Reconstruction Field Of View

Rh - Rhodium

RIS - Radiology Information System

ROI - Region Of Interest

RPO - Right Posterior Oblique

RSNA - Radiological Society of North America

RT - Right, Registered Technologist


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SAR - Specific Absorption Rate

SCP - Service Class Provider

SCAR - Society for Computer Applications in Radiology

SCR - Silicon Controlled Rectifier

SCU - Service Class User

SE - Spin Echo

SFOV - Scan Field Of View

SID - Source to Image Distance

SNR - Signal to Noise Ratio

SONO - Sonogram, Sonography

SPR - Scan Projection Radiograph

SSD - Surface Shaded Display

Sv - Seivert


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T - Tesla

TCDD - Threshold Contrast Detail Detectability

TDI - Time Delay Integration

TE - Echo Time

TFT - Thin Film Transistor

TI - Inversion Time

TLD - Thermoluminescent Dosimeter

TOF - Time of Flight

TOMO - Tomography, Tomogram

TR - Repetition Time


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UGI - Upper Gastrointestinal Series

US - Ultrasond, Ultrasonography


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VR - Volume Rendered, Volume Rendering


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W - Tungsten

WIP - Work In Progress


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XR - X-ray


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