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Radiographic Positioning: Radiographic Positioning of an OR Cholangiogram


1. Position c-arm as soon as PT is positioned on OR table.
2. Position c-arm monitor for physician.
3. Make sure monitor is on "auto" for filming.
4. Have cassettes ready.
5. Mark intensifier with right marker.
6. When ready to film make sure camera is at # 0 image.
7. Once surgeon begins to inject contrast, they will tell you when to "shoot". 1-2 films will be taken during injection. Films should be brought to the department and run as soon as possible.
8. Mark films in order of filming sequence.
9. Show films to radiologist for approval. Radiologist will advise the surgeon for interpretation of films.
10. Films are to be put with patient's jacket and given to the Radiologist for a dictated report.

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