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Radiographic Positioning: Radiographic Positioning of the Hip Arthrogram


For examination of hip joint.

See Arthrogram supplies.


1. 10 x 12 film
2. Patient supine
3. Rotate foot of affected leg slightly inward.
4. Bucky
5. 40" SID
6. Central Ray: center 21/2" down from A.S.I.S.

1. 10 X 12 film crosswise
2. Patient supine
3. Have patient bend knee and allow affected leg to slowly "fall" to side.
4. Bucky
5. 40" SID
6. Central Ray: Center 21/2" down from A.S.I.S.

*Always have radiologist check Scout Films*

After injection of contrast, and after Radiologist obtains fluoroscopy spots, repeat all of the views explained previously and marked pre-exercise. After checking pre-exercise films with Radiologist, repeat the same series of films after exercising the hip. Mark these films post exercise. Show films to Radiologist before dismissing patient.

To check for pin loosening

SCOUT: AP film

Position hip as you would a regular Hip Arthrogram, making sure you include entire pin and screw plate.

A doctor from the Orthopedic Department or Radiologist will inject patient for this procedure. Once the needle is placed in joint, and before the contrast is injected, the leg must be immobilized with sandbags and a radiograph should be taken. It is very important that the leg does not move from that point up until the completion of exam. After the injection of contrast another radiograph must be taken, in the exact same position as the radiograph with the needle without contrast. After checking your last film you may allow the patient to move leg.

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