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Radiographic Positioning: Radiographic Positioning of a Loopogram



Foley Catheter 12-14FR
100 cc's Conray 43 (may use more)
2-20 ounce catheter tip syringes
Sterile 4 x 4's
Towels from laundry cart
Packet of sterile lubricate (surgilube)
Conray 43

Scout film
Films for study per Radiologist
Post drain film

Radiologist/Resident inserts a catheter in the stoma, 4x 4's are layered over the stoma and catheter. Patient will be instructed to "hold" their hand over the 4 x 4's to hold the catheter in place. Contrast is injected into the catheter while the Radiologist takes fluoro spots. After the Radiologist is finished with the fluoro spots they will instruct you as to which "after" films will need to be obtained. You may want to put towels on the side of the patient to keep the contrast from spilling on the table and running under the patient.

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