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Radiopharmaceutical Chemistry - The University of Pennsylvania radiopharmaceutical chemistry section is a multidisciplinary research and education group. The focus of the group is the development of new radiopharmaceuticals that provide diagnostic information on various organs in normal and disease states.

Radiological Chemistry - This laboratory carries out research on the development of image enhancement agents and radiopharmaceuticals for therapy. The laboratory is in the Division of Radiological Sciences in the Mallinckrodt Institute, Department of Radiology, Washington University Medical School and has eight faculty members, five post doctoral Research Associates, two graduate students and approximately 16 support staff.

Contrast Media in Radiology - This paper looks at the uses of contrast media, it's chemical properties and other important issues related to contrast media choices.

Web Elements - WebElements aims to be a high quality source of chemistry information on the WWW relating to the periodic table. Coverage is such that professional scientists and students at school interested in chemistry and other sciences will all find something useful.

General Chemistry Online - One of the best chemistry resources on the net. Features chemistry tutorials, chemistry trivia, chemistry tables, a chemistry glossary and so much more.

BioChemHub - A great source for chemistry and biology related websites, tutorials and quizzes.

MSDS Database - Visit this material safety data sheet database to search for the low down on all the processing chemicals and other hazardous materials used in radiology.

General Chemistry - Another great source for chemistry information.

Yahoo Chemistry Directory - Find answers to all types of chemistry information by visiting the sites listed in Yahoo's directory.

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