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Radiographic Positioning Tips

Radiographic Positioning Videos - view patient positioning videos on RadiologyTube.com

Get a great price on Radiographic Positioning Books with secure ordering and fast shipping.

Radiology Positioning Guide - Online positioning guide with central ray locations, patient and tube angles, cassette sizes and more!

Introduction To Pediatric Radiology - Test your knowledge of pediatric radiology by taking the quizes in this excellent tutorial by The University of Virginia. Includes helpful tips for positioning pediatric patients.

Radiography Positioning - RadiographyReview.com has a nice section with sample radiography techniques and positioning methods.

Radiographic Evaluation of The Cervical Spine - The three most common causes of spinal fractures are motor vehicle accident (50%), falls (25%), and sports injuries (10%). Learn how to position and review these injuries.

Interpretation of The ICU Chest Film - Endotracheal Tubes, Chest tubes, Central Lines, Swan-Ganz Catheters, and PICC lines will be shown & discussed in this positioning and anatomy tutorial.

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