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Radiology Circuit and General Electronics Links

Inside The X-ray Tube - Well done site that looks at the electronics of x-ray production as well as other topics related to radiology.

Lecture On Radiology Electronics - Very nice powerpoint lecture on various aspects of radiation and electricity.

Radiology Notes on Electricity and magnetism - Electrical materials; charges; Coulomb's law; charges on bodies; methods of charging; electric fields; magnetism; magnetic fields and forces.

Radiology Notes on Electric Currents - Currents; voltage; resistance; Ohm's law; ac and dc current; power; electromagnetism; induced currents; transformers; generators; motors; rectification.

Radiology Notes on X-ray Circuits - Single-phase and three-phase circuits; high-voltage circuits; high-voltage transformers and rectifiers; high-frequency circuits; ripple.

Radiology Notes on X-ray Tubes - Tube housing and envelope; cathode; tube and filament currents; anode; line focus principle; heel effect; off-focus radiation; focal spot blooming; heat limit curves; tube life and warm-up.

Electricity & Magnetism - This site from Hype Physics is an amazing resource of easily navigated material. Check out the other subject headings while there.

Sweethaven Publishing - Excellent tutorials and exercises on a variety of electronic subjects - a work in progress.

Iguana Labs - This site provides beginner tutorials that are well written and make a nice introduction to electronics.

University of Guelph - DC circuits are explained in simple terms. In addition, the site provides a number of problem solving examples and a self test.

Electronics for Beginners - Excellent site to learn beginning electronics put together by an electronics educator in England.

Circuit Innovations - This site provides a nice introduction to electronic components such as transformers and resistors.

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