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Radiographic Film Critique

Critique of C, T and L-Spine Trauma Films - Great set of articles for students and seasoned radiologic technologists.

Labelled Radiographs - X-rays of the body can be found here which are labelled with anatomical structures. These will help you identify bones on an X-ray

Radiographic Clearing of The Cervical Spine - Richard M. Bell, M.D.,FACS provides us with an excellent tutorial on how to properly clear a trauma cervical spine radiograph. A radiographic film critique classic.

Image Quality Parameters for Digital Radiology - Our friends at GE Medical System provide many radiology educational materials online and this is an excellent introduction to medical digital imaging.

Interpretation of The ICU Chest Film - Radiographs of tubes: Endotracheal Tubes, Chest tubes, Central Lines, Swan-Ganz Catheters, and PICC lines will be shown & discussed in this radiographic film critique tutorial.

Radiographic Evaluation of The Cervical Spine - The three most common causes of spinal fractures are motor vehicle accident (50%), falls (25%), and sports injuries (10%). An excellent radiographic resource.

Radiographic Evaluation of Skeletal Trauma - The process of reading a bone radiograph should be an active one, looking at cortical margins and bone alignment and looking for typical fracture patterns.

Introduction To Chest Radiology - Another University of Virginia tutorial that covers chest radiology topics like: radiographic anatomy, radiographic positioning, radiographic pathology and radiographic film critique.


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