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Radiographic Contrast Media

ACR Practice Guideline For The Use of Intravascular Contrast Media - An educational guideline for radiologists for the use of intravascular radiographic contrast media.

Adverse Reactions to Contrast Material - Recognition, prevention, and treatment of contrast reactions is discussed in this informative article.

Contrast Media in Radiology - This paper looks at the uses of contrast media, it's chemical properties and other important issues related to contrast media choices.

Contrast Media Reactions - Radiology personnel must be aware of the risk factors for reactions to contrast media. They should use strategies to minimize adverse events and be prepared to promptly recognize and manage any reactions to the contrast media. An excerpt from this fine article that will help you do just what it says.

MRI Contrast Agents - An introduction to materials used as contrast enhancers for magnetic resonance imaging procedures.

Ultrasound Contrast Agents - An introduction to ultrasound contrast media and their uses.

Microbubble Ultrasound Contrast - Microbubbles have become well established over the past 20-30 years as the most effective type of ultrasound contrast agent.

Power Injection of Contrast Media Using Central Venous Catheters - This study evaluates the feasibility, safety, and efficacy of power-injecting IV contrast media through central venous catheters for CT examinations.

CT and MRI Contrast Imaging Topics - Great page that explores a number of issues related to contrast media usage including: fundamentals of contrast usage, patient screening and more.

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