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Patient Care in Radiology

Contrast Media Reactions - Radiology personnel must be aware of the risk factors for reactions to contrast media. They should use strategies to minimize adverse events and be prepared to promptly recognize and manage any reactions to the contrast media. An excerpt from this fine article that will help you do just what it says.

Ergonomic Transfer of Patients - Methods and tips on transferring, lifting and moving patients in a safe manner in radiology and other health care fields.

Radiology Transfer Devices - A list of different ergonomic transfer devices that can be used in a radiology or other health care setting.

Health Privacy Project - Excellent resource for HIPAA and other medical privacy related issues as related to patient care

A Patients Guide to Radiology - Great pamphlet on what patients should expect during a visit to a radiology department.

RadiologyInfo.org - RadiologyInfo is designed to answer your questions related to the many radiologic procedures and therapies available to you and your family. The Web site provides you with information whether you're preparing for a baseline mammogram, learning more about your child's x-ray, or researching radiation oncology (cancer therapy) procedures. RadiologyInfo tells you how various x-ray, CT, MRI, ultrasound, radiation therapy and other procedures are performed. It also addresses what you may experience and how to prepare for the exams. The Web site does not yet cover all radiologic procedures and therapies, but is updated frequently with new information.

Trauma.org - A load of information on the care and treatment of trauma patients.

Vital Signs Quick Reference Guide - Basic levels for a variety of vital signs as well as information on how to check them - pulse, respirations, blood pressure and temperature.

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