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Pharmacology in Radiology

Contrast Media in Radiology - This paper looks at the uses of contrast media, it's chemical properties and other important issues related to contrast media choices. An excellent tutorial for radiologic pharmacology students.

Glossary of Terms used in Pharmacology - Excellent searchable glossary brought to you by the folks at the Boston University School of Medicine.

Active Learning Centre Online Pharmacology Quiz - One of the best resources on the net for pharmacology information, this site has an awesome self testing area with user chosen topics.

Active Learning Centre Drug Database - Very easy to use drug information database brought to you by the same people that created the incredible online pharmacology quiz.

Food and Drug Administration (FDA) - What top ten list would be complete without the site that governs the pharmacology industry.

Medical Pharmacology Online Textbook - Great site that is formatted like an online textbook. Has practice tests at the end of chapters. Very nice online pharmacology site!

Pharmacology Math Tutorial - Nice information here for radiology students on the subject of pharmacology math that can be helpful when working radiographic pharmacology problems.

Radiopharmacy & Radiopharmacology Resources - Links to a variety of radiopharmacy & radiopharmacology information.

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